Friday, May 8, 2015

"Choose Your Own Adventure" Authors Note

My book was about an 18 year old boy named Jeff. Jeff doesn't like adventure, but this all changes when he get a crate in the mail from his grandpa. Jeff look in the crate and there was a letter. The letter told Jeff that this crate is magic, and Jeff needs some magic in his life. The next day Jeff gets a letter in the mail from King Phil from The Good Land. The letter that Jeff got asked Jeff if he would like to sell the magic crate and to bring the crate to The Good Land. Jeff decide to sell the crate. He decide to start your journey tomorrow. Then you start and get supplies and meet new friend on the way to The Good Land. At the end you get to The Good Land and get your money.

I made this book in keynote. It look time and planning. 

In this book my favorite part is when Jeff get to meet new people in the forest.