Friday, April 17, 2015

Inspiration Essay

Do you have someone who inspires you? Kathy is a teacher at O’Neill High. She is very hard working and loves to help people.  Well I do, Kathy Hostert. In this essay I’m going to be telling about how Kathy got help growing up, how she become a teacher, and one of her family stories she remembers.
Kathy grew up in Norfolk, Nebraska; she was not scared to ask for help when she needed it. In school she wasn't very good, so she started getting some help from her teachers in the morning before school. When she was a seventh grader, her teacher helped her to read better. Every day her teacher let her be late to class because she didn't want other kids to know she was going to special reading. In tenth grade she and another boy in her class went to school at 7:30am to get help with grammar because they had sports after school so they couldn’t come then.
Other teachers helped her not only with school, but also decide on a career. Can you believe during her senior  she only went to school until 10:50 am. At eleven o’clock, she went to work with her mom at a sporting goods store. Then around 2:00 pm she helped a special education teacher work with bad behavior kids. She always thought she would just work at the sporting goods store, but at the end of July she didn’t want to work with her mom anymore, so she decided to go to college to be a special education teacher.
    Even though she got help from her teachers, she also got help from her parents. Her mom and dad always wanted her to work hard. One story Kathy remembers is when her daughter, Heidi,  was playing volleyball. Heidi was very nervous. It was her turn to serve the ball. Then Kathy’s dad said “Bring the whip!” meaning to hit the ball at them as hard as she could. This made Heidi more nervous, and she missed the serve. Heidi was embarrassed, but later when writing a college scholarship application, she wrote about how her grandpa was pushing her to do her best, and that her grandparents and her parents just wanted her to try hard. 

Her parents inspired her, like she inspires me. She inspires me because she is not scared to ask for help. She is not afraid to say that she wasn’t good at school, so that helps me to know that I should work hard and never give up. Even if I am not the best at school, I can set goals that help me achieve the things I want in life.  

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