Friday, October 31, 2014

Ghost at OHS

Have you ever seen a ghost? Well the students at OHS have. No one knows how this ghost got here. It will always be a mystery. Her name is Ella. Ella used to go to school at OHS. After she finished school, she moved away. Now she's back! No one knows why?
Ella is a very caring ghost. She would never hurt any of the students or teachers. The only people that can see her are the  students. Some students at OHS have seen her. She has brown wavy hair. She is a tall ghost. She wears aged blue jeans and an O’Neill shirt from when she went to school at OHS. 

In fact the most of the students think of her as a teacher. Ella loves to help the students with there homework. You can be sitting in your chair doing homework and all of a sudden you will feel someone hovering over you. “Ella” the students shout out. After she's done helping, you she will just vanish. 

Ella is a delightful ghost. If you ever see her in the halls don’t be scared just say “Hello Ella.” She might say hi back. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Cassidy Montgomery
Eng 7 
Period 3       Halloween in Hogwarts 

Today is Halloween. It is my first time in Hogwarts. As I walk down the hall, I caught up with Ron. We go into this amazing room with spooky pumpkins floating everywhere. The tables have our names on the spot we are suppose to sit. I look up and I see the beautiful, starry night sky. “Harry, Harry!”,  Ron shouted. He motioned for me. He said “We sit over here.” 
As we sat down the skeleton waiters asked what we would like. I said “I would like lamb chops and pumpkin pie please.” The entertainment was magical. The ghosts were dancings and going crazy. They wanted us to dance with them. I was starving, so I wasn't going to dance. Finally our food was ready. I took a huge bite of my juicy lamb chops. It was juicy and delicious. Our next entertainment was the flying witches.  It was like they were flying though the night sky. They did flips and flops in the air with their amazing brooms. 

After dinner they had games. The first game was bobbing for eyeballs. It was kinda gross, but it was still fun. This night felt unreal. I love it here at Hogwarts. I can’t wait for next years Halloween, so we can return to this haunted place.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Jack be nimble..."
Jack be graceful,
And Jack be
And Jack
hop over
The candlestick.